Faggionato Fountain Pen Review by Well-Appointed Desk

Return of Pen Show!

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of discovering (a bit by chance) a blog article that reviews a Petrarque Faggionato pen!

Precisely, this is a customer who discovered Faggionato pens on the last Chicago Pen Show in May 2018. After some hesitation, this lover of exceptional fountain pen was tempted by the Petrarque Carnival Celluloid pen with a gold plated nib.


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An interesting pen analysis

Not only to highlighting all the know-how of the pen creator Faggionato, this article analyzes the pen in detail. From the packaging to the floats of his pen, you’ll know everything! This type of return is very rewarding for the development of the brand Faggionato because it allows to guide the creations to suit you best, whether in the use or design of the fountain pen.

Do you have Faggionato pens in your fountain pen collection?
Do not hesitate to give us a feedback, we will be delighted to read your review ! 🙂 More information: contact@faggionato.fr

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