L’Honoré Magazine speaks about us !

A new revue 100% French !

The Honoré Magazine is considered the new high-end French art magazine. The topics are diverse but all related to authentic skills, such as writing instruments Faggionato. As you read, you will be taken through different ways between escape, heritage, style & know-how .. You can also discover different exclusive experiences.

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The Honoré Magazine & Craftsmen of Haute Writing

In the article presented below, the Honoré Magazine returns to the know-how related to the writing of our French craftsmen. It was therefore obvious to mention the Faggionato pens! 🙂
More seriously, the article comes back on the complexity of the realization linked, for example, to the realization of the Fountain pen PKS lacquered with eggshell which requires a sharpened know-how. For some readers, you will discover the fact that Faggionato prepares to participate in the contest of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France in the category of lacquers. (We will keep you informed of the result). In the meantime, a little reading!

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