Materials used for the design of fountain pens


The main objective of Faggionato is to satisfy our customers with the proposal of a range of exceptional fountain pen. To achieve this level of exception, the use of rigorously selected materials is essential. Whether they are rare materials of foreign origin such as shingles resins or leathers or of noble materials such as gold, silver or titanium nib, the selection systematically results in intense reflection. Find a presentation of materials used by Faggionato in the design of luxury fountain pens.




Ebonite is a material consisting of sulfurized rubber. An ebonite turned fountain pen requires a lot of material in contrast to the injected resins. It is therefore a luxurious material whose filming requires considerable work.

The ebonite Faggionato fountain pens are covered with a Urushi lacquer which will protect the ebonite and facilitate its maintenance. 

You want to revive the colors of your ebonite lacquered fountain pen? So polish your pen with a soft cloth and 1 to 2 drops of Olive oil. It will resume its brilliant appearance as on the 1st day!






The acrylic resin has been used by Faggionato for several years to design totally unique  pens.  In reality, the pens are directly Turned directly into squares of acrylic resin from Italy.

The colors are endless and shimmering. 
As each square is different, each pen will be totally unique.







Acetate is a three-quarter natural polymer (blend of cotton fibers + 1/4 plasticizers). Cellulose acetate is also biodegradable, very resistant to mold and is hypoallergenic. 

Generally used in the luxurious sectors of eyewear and luxury pens, craftsmans and professionals who work this material tend to combine different colored plates to obtain a visual depth and an impressive level of detail. 

Obviously, this type of craft work around cellulose acetate requires several dozen hours of work.





The lacquer used comes from Japan and more precisely from the region of Wajima where it is called Urushi. It comes from the sap of a tree of the family of sumacs: Rhus Verniciflua. Considered like the lacquer with the highest adhesive power, it can not be preserved for more than a year.

After being refined to remove insects and impurities, the lacquer can be kept for several years.  This plant lacquer has the peculiarity of hardening under the combined and controlled action of moisture, heat and oxygen. Once hardened, it protects from acid, alcohol … 

It is a rare and precious material that remains the symbol of exceptional products.




Each pen offered by Faggionato can be combined with different types of rib in terms of size or material (Gold, Steel, Titanium). 

The golden rib of Faggionato fountain pens are made of 14 karat gold. This precious metal will fit perfectly with your fountain pen.
The ribs of size 6 or 8 are manufactured in Germany according to strict specifications to obtain the desired flexibility.The rib duct of size 8 is made of ebonite. 

The titanium rib are Grade 1, which gives them the desired flexibility. It is mirror polished for a perfect aestheticism.

The titanium plumes are size 6 or 8. The rib duct of size 8 is made of ebonite.