When Var-Matin Magazine meets Faggionato !


This 1st of November 2017, you could discover a presentation of Faggionato  in Var-Matin magazine ! To view the article dedicated to Faggionato, click on the image or link below. You can also find the text of the article at the bottom of the page.

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Frédéric Faggionato makes the pen a work of art using Japanese ancestral techniques.

He dipped small in the pot. Since his early childhood, the work of wood on the lathe never left him. He is also interested in assembling pens as a kit. This passion pegged to the body, Frederic Faggionato, aged 48, combines it for eight years in the trade and now in his workshop in Saint Maximin. And in the future, swarming with ideas.With his hands and creative spirit, the fountain pen is a work of art. A unique piece when he uses Urushi Japanese vegetable lacquers. This Gascon studied cabinetmaking in his youth. CAP in pocket, “I left in the building, responsible carpentry precision formwork in a company. But I was still shooting in parallel with my work. ”

All an art

He continues to dig this furrow. For pleasure. “I am researching, I buy books, subscribe to specialized magazines. I pass the doors of big signs to inform me. I am perserverent. “Until back on school benches to improve in the design and manufacture of its own models of pens. The native Maubourguet (65) writes with his finest pen his brand Faggionato, pens of manufacture. Eight years ago, he quit his job and moved as a craftsman in Midi-Pyrénées. A year later, he joined, with his companion, the city of the basilica. The craftsman takes his cruising rhythm.

Against the wear of time.

Nevertheless, a question has long been a problem. Ebonite, the flagship material with which he makes fountain pens “oxidizes”. Curious and tenacious, Frédéric Faggionato discovers the Japanese vegetable lacquer “designed to protect the material against the wear of time”. An art opens to him. A Frenchwoman who lived in Japan, master lacquerer, lavishes the basics. He perfected himself with a Meilleur Ouvrière de France. Creates his ad hoc workshop and continues his research until finding in the Japanese region of Wajima, his rare speaks. High quality. Urushi vegetable lacquers. They sublimate his pens which Belgians, Swiss, Americans, Indians .. appreciate the quality. Frédéric Faggionato embarks on a new challenge by competing to be France’s best lacquer worker.

Precision, patience & dexterity.

Frédéric Faggionato makes his pens including acrylic resin – “I’m not a fan, but it’s nice for young people” – but wants to use more natural materials. In this quest, he has been turning for three months to cellulose acetate – “cotton blended with solvent” – he works solid blocks ready. Perfectionist, he plans to make molds to have plates to the measures that suit him. And compose his own mixtures of materials. To put his paw and personalize his creation as he had done by getting acquainted with the jewelery art foundry. He put his claw on some of these staples.From the art foundry to the art of lacquering, the craftsman blithely takes the leap with precision, relevance and dexterity. And creative mind. Urushi Japanese vegetable lacquers are applied by diaper – “with Asian women’s hair brushes” – on the different parts of the ebonite pen. “It takes at least thirty layers”. After each application, they cure in a cabinet with a humidity of 80% and a constant temperature of 22 ° C. “They stay between two days minimum to several weeks.” Between each layer “it is necessary to sand with coal of vices”. At the whim of his inspiration, he can bring his piece of art decoration with pieces of eggshells (chicken or quail) – placed one by one with a small chisel, or mother of pearl, very fine powders of metals, gold leaf … Once the lacquer applied, a little oil on the hands and it “polishes with the palm or the fingers until shine” It takes between 2 and 3 months, sometimes six, for make a pen according to the techniques used.


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